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We’re not gonna lie to each other, you’re royally pissing yourself off right now. Since you have just finished reading the best of Topito, we propose to keep you busy with good little games to play directly on the web, without installing anything, on your browser (Chrome, Firefox, Safari,…). No scams, we only picked you out for free. It is often very stupid, very simple, but terribly addictive :

  1. Game Of Thrones

We know you’re addicted to GoT, so don’t lie. Here’s a good free-to-play, to treat your addiction.

  1. Forge Of Empires

A clone of Age of Empires, for the nostalgic.

  1. Pokemon Mega

Recommended to Pokémon fans. But the fun, for free, in just a few clicks, what more can be said ?

  1. Rail Nation

A clone of Railroad Tycoon, for the nostalgic games of rail strategy.

  1. League of Angels III

A classic but effective MMORPG.

  1. Soul Calibur

Not much to do with the game of fight, except the characters.

  1. Roblox

A multiplayer online sandbox game (like Minecraft) in which you can create a video game and have it tested to others. Awesome.

  1. OGame

A real-time strategy game played in space.

  1. Ikariam

A real-time strategy game on web browser for fans of Ancient Greece.

  1. One Piece

Perfect for all One Piece fans.

  1. Big Bang Empire

An erotic role-playing game on a navigator, forbidden for under-16s.

  1. Kingdom Rush

An excellent Tower Defense game. Also available on smartphones and tablets. If you finished first, you can also play sequel.

  1. Tagpro

An online game like “capture the flag”, except you’re a ball. To learn how to play it (in less than 1 minute), it’s here.

  1. Motherload

The game is to dig into the ground and end up killing Satan. The deeper you go, the better you can buy. Simple and effective.

  1. Bloons TD 5

Another great Free Tower Defense. Nothing very original, but it works fine.

  1. A Dark Room

An adventure game text-based, old-fashioned. Exciting, so we don’t hang on for the first few minutes.

  1. Pandemic II

If you play Plague Inc. on smartphones, it’s the same principle : you have to create a virus and evolve it to kill the entire planet. An extensive program.

  1. Cookie Clicker

Only one goal : to produce the greatest number of cookies. By clicking. Don’t thank us.

  1. Pokémon Shutdown

A Pokémon combat simulator, for fans.

  1. SuperHot

An FPS with an original concept: time only advances when you move. The full game pays off, but you can play the prototype for free.

  1. Frog Fractions

Don’t think about it, play it and you’ll understand.

  1. Age of War

A mix between a Tower Defense and a strategy game. Create an army and evolve it through the ages.

  1. The Cube Escape series

Excellent games Escape The Room.

  1. Burrito Bison Revenge

Throw a wrestler as far away as possible.

  1. Realm of the Mad God

MMORPG online.

  1. Two thousand forty eight

Do we have to present it again ?

  1. I saw her standing there

Purpose she was a zombie. A romantic game.

  1. Rebuild

A post-apocalyptic strategy game. If you have several hours ahead of you. Test his suite as well.

  1. Pretentious Game

In the same poetic style that ” I saw her standing there “.

  1. Wonderputt

A game of “golf” very original, it’s there.