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Shipping now! The CD features over 80 minutes of live video. There are no lame fillers, just fast-paced back to back Photoshop 7 Tutorials and tips. In all there are 15 projects including a full 20 minute Background Super Tutorial. Every tutorial has that “little extra” that Colin is known for, where he takes you step by step through every move in PLAIN ENGLISH and then throws in some tweaks to really make the images stand out from the rest.This CD will change the way you use Photoshop.

This CD runs full 800 x 600 video at 30 fps on your desktop without the need for any plugins! Everything is self contained. Colin has invested a lot of time to engineer the entire interface and video to be a fully intergrated Flash project that will run on all windows and Mac systems including OSX Jaguar and Windows XP.

Tutorials include:

3D Beveled Metal Text
3D Cutout Text
3D Glass Text
Starburst Exploded text effect
Realistic Starfield in 2 steps
Meal/brushed gold textures
Wood texture with knots
Photorealistic Rock and Stone textures
Switching colors of objects
Zoom effect and history brush tricks, Scan lines, grids, perspective and warped patterns
Amazingly realistic Water reflections
Lightning bolts and blending them into your images
Colorizing and decolorizing with history brush
Seamless blends and transitions between objects
Creating Hi tech patterns, collaging secrets and secrets to the high tech style.

Among many other things, you will learn the following techniques.
Blending modes
Layer techniques
Keyboard Shortcuts
Master the Hue/saturation
Combining filters for results