TIP OF THE WEEK – Backing up your profiles

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I remember using older versons of Dreamweaver, there was no way to save all your site settings. If you had to reinstall or purchased a new computer, you had to set up all the site definitions manually and if you lost some password, go through what it takes to get them from the service providers. Dreamweaver MX comes to the rescue with the ability to export your site profiles.

Press F8 to open the site window.

Choose site>edit sites

You will see this familiar window. Choose a site and click export.

You will see 2 options. Back up or share. Choose back up.

Choose a place on your computer and save the definition file. Repeat for each site difinition you have.

To restore settings, do the same as above only choose import.

The best way to manage you entire site is through the site view window. Think of the normal view as a way to build your pages and the site window as a way to build your SITE. The site window is Dreamweaver’s built in FTP program. (File Transfer Proticol)

Press F8 to show/hide your window.

To toggle between split view and single view press the icon in the top toolbar pc.

On the left you will see your remote site (web server)
On the right panel you will see your local files (Hard Disk)

You can also resize these windows by dragging in the center bar with your mouse.

You can now easily manage your website. You can click the “put” button to upload (from your computer to the web) your files to the web-server or the “get” button to download (from the web to your computer) them. You can also click and drag files between the 2.