Waterdrops (Glass tuts Part 0.5)

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Here’s something I’m working on. I posted this preliminary tutorial on another forum, so I thought you guys might like to see. It’s gonna be my first tutorial in a series investigating glass (two others to come in the series, glass figures, and texturing models). No pictures though and still a W.I.P… so I’ll answer questions if you need, but this will be better sometime in the future. Try to tackle it only if your comfortable moving around with the steps (nothing particularily diffocult, just assumes a basic understanding of the PS tools).

Okay, first, open an RGB document.

Now make a new layer and fill it with black.

Filter>Noise>Add Noise>25%

Filter>Blur>Gaussian Blur>1 Pixel

Image>Adjust>Levels>40 1.00 60

Files>Save as “Something.psd”

Go to channels and Duplicate the Red Channel

Press back on the RGB composite and go back to layers

Hide the black layer, duplicate the background

Filter>Distort>Glass, Distortion 20, Smoothness 2, Load texture and pick “something.psd” Press Ok

Select>Load selection> Red copy

Make new layer

Fill Selection with white

Change mode to colour dodge and reduce the fill opacity until you’re happy.


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